ImpactA milestone of Imagines is the active collaboration with artists and authors that find in Classical Antiquity their source of inspiration. We deeply believe in the need to strengthen fluid dialogues between scholars and academic institutions working on Classical Receptions and practitioners of the arts, between research in this growing field and the creative experiences of those professionals that find in the Ancient World models and examples to express powerful ideas that help better understand our modern societies.

The Spanish garden designer Fernando Caruncho (La Rioja 2007), the graphic designer Eric Shanower (Bristol 2010), the playwright Stephan Seidel (Mainz 2012), the film director João Canijo and the photographer and cartoonist José Bandeira (Faro 2014) have been invited to our conferences to present and talk about their works. We have also organised open exhibitions of art work linked with the topics of our conferences in collaboration with other centers and institutions.

Besides these very positive experiences, we are further looking at Imagines as a platform able to encourage and generate new art projects in which intermediality plays a relevant role. In 2010, the Bristol music students Josh Bishop and Philip Bennets performed live the soundtrack they had created for three silent movies we projected during the conference. During the 2014 conference Sailing in Troubled Waters, street artists from the seacoast town of Olhão painted a mural work based on the local legend of Arraúl, Atlantis only survivor, who is linked with the foundational myth of the town and with the Pillars of Hercules.