IMAGINES’ collective initiatives include so far seven conferences in six different European countries (a 8th conference is in preparation). All of them included also public events run by artists and creative authors whose work is inspired by Classical Antiquity. The first IMAGINES conference was held in Spain (2007 Logroño) and had a general focus. The second one, Seduction and Power took place in the UK (2010 Bristol). Two years later, IMAGINES moved to Germany: Magic and the Supernatural (2012 Mainz). The 4th IMAGINES event, Sailing in Troubled Waters, was devoted to the Mediterranean Sea (2014 Faro, Portugal). The Fear and the Fury (2016 Torino, Italy) had as mean theme violence. The Fragant and the Foul, (France (Toulouse 2018)) focused on the senses in modern imagination. This year, IMAGINES returned back in Germany and specifically in Göttingen (2021). The event is entitled Playful Antiquity, and explores modern receptions of comic features and games.

For more information on the publications based on our conferences, follow the link.